Economic Profile of San Vicente

Economic Profile of San Vicente Palawan | “San Vicente Economic Profile” posted by San Vicente


San Vicente Palawan is predominantly an agricultural municipality with most locals live by fishing and farming. Originally, only a very small portion of the population in San Vicente earns for a living by local employment and business venture.

As San Vicente gains recognition as a center of interest for Tourism, an increasing number of its population was seen to venture into the hospitality industry, opening the doors of their homes for tourists looking for paid accommodation. Now, many residents of San Vicente already operates resorts, lodging houses, guest houses, tourist inns and similar budget accommodations.

With the tourism industry, many residents of San Vicente now earns a living through tourism – related industries like transportation and hotels/tours booking.

As San Vicente offers a diverse range of attractions for adventure and nature enthusiasts, the local government needed to build vital infrastructure to support the fast growing tourism industry. Roads and other infrastructure support facilities are now on its implementation process through the help of the National Government. The building and construction industry also boomed and has created many jobs for the local residents of San Vicente.


“San Vicente Palawan Economic Profile” post last updated: July 2017

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