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In 1952, migrants from Manamoc, an Island of Cuyo in Palawan, arrived in a place called Malagnang (muddy/maputik) a sitio of Kemdeng, formerly part of Puerto Princesa City. The first to arrive were Anastacio Dandal, Ricardo Dandal, Lauro Dandal, Alberto Radam, and Marcelino Gadiano with their families. After sometime, their relatives in Cuyo followed them and formed a small community which gave rise to the election of Anastacio Dandal as the first Barrio Lieutenant.

The small ethnic group of Agutaynens and Cuyunens dramatically increased in number and many disputes in the society also emerged. One of he most historical disputes between the two ethic groups is the choice of the town’s Patron Saint. The Cuyunens wanted Saint Vincent Ferrer (San Vicente Ferrer) to be the patron Saint while the choice of Agutaynens was Saint Isidore the Laborer (San Isidro Labrador).

The group decided to resolve the issue by drawing a lot. The name of San Vincente Ferrer was drawn and then name of the place, Malagnang, was changed to San Vicente.


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